Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay 50 posts!

Wow, that took me forever to reach, haha.

So, I did my windows re-install and now that everything is normal-ish and my Adobe CS5 is working, my Sims game looks really different.

It looks smaller and more skewed then before. I checked the resolution and it is the one right for my computer, but it still doesn't look right. i'm thinking I'm missing a driver, but I have all the ones for my graphics card. So I don't know. I want it back to being what it was before.

I sold my first art prints today! This guy at work really liked my Edgar Allen Poe stamps I made and so I printed them off before the stamp process.

They are all hand painted in gouache and watercolor as separate pieces, then they were scanned in and resized and all stamp-ified. The first one in the series is probably my favorite, the girl one looked much better as a sketch. :]

I have to apologize for the people who wanted Lightning. I didn't save her in my Sim bin like I thought I did. So no more Lightning. D:

Want more pictures? I hate making blog posts without a bunch of pictures. I made these atrocities for some comps I had due after I did a system re-install. I will always smack myself in the head for not doing these before I had to do the re-install.

First up is Hitched:

I recycled this picture, I was going to use it for a different assignment, but then decided on a different approach. I downloaded that font just for this entry. I'm surprised how well I did in the scores too. I thought for sure I was going to be eliminated.

Next is Timeless Beauties Calender Girls:

I was inspired by Sun who said she was going to make her model thinking about her army boy, but she was too busy. I couldn't shake the idea so I made this. I like how he is popping out of the thought bubble, but I wish I didn't cut off his hand like that. I should have left it or something. Very unprofessional to have random limbs cut off. 

That's all I have, sadly. So thanks for reading ;D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Etoile Espeon

This is Bailey's significant other Etoile. Again, just another quick post as tomorrow my boyfriend is re-installing windows for me and I need my precious simmies. Also I just noticed I had pretty much no good pics of her by herself. I think it's obvious who my favorite person is . Sorry Etoile.

As I said before, both types of Sim files are included with the download.