Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your Boy Is Like A Memory

This is probably going to be a quick and to the point blog. I have to wake up early tomorrow for class and it's late. So here is another two patterns to tide you over with. :]

First up is the first pattern I ever made: A lovely giraffe pattern.


That brings up to my last pattern, another one of my lovely lotus patterns.

Model is Skitty. 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Double The Lotus

The art show went great. Ran into some old friends. Nobody bought my art which is super since I want it for myself.

So today I'm updating with one of my patterns. I made these waaay back in the day, like a month after the game came out.

Today's first pattern is what I call the Gradient Lotus pattern.

Now, this pattern is kinda odd. The dark lines don't change. The background and that little patch of color in the middle of the lotus changes. They kind of mesh together to create a pretty effect.

Model is the Skitty I made.

Today's second pattern is The Egyptian Lotus.

Nothing too flashy. The background and the flower can change color.

I loves my Skitty.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Won't Look Back

So it's been like four days. Ooops. I've caught a bug which has incapacitated me. I've also been trying to pass college. Which is a pretty big deal. Tomorrow we have a big art show and I'm in it. (Yay!) Though it's not something any special. I'm also currently watching fan videos to the amazing movie "Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind." I want to go to Montauk.

ANYWAY. Time to get on the Sims related stuff. I'm going to try to get all my stuff posted up so I can reinstall windows on my laptop. It can't check for updates and hasn't updated since December. So I was going to take more pictures of this Sim but I knew I would just make more Sims instead, so you're going to have to deal with these boring pictures.

Oh hai it's Golduck! Pokemon number 55. The evolved form of the ever so lovely and confused Psyduck.
Traits - Disciplined, Brave, Light Sleeper, Loves the outdoors, Daredevil
LTW - Perfect mind, perfect body

CC List - Hair Jeans Shirt?
*Note - Skin is the default blue skin color. No need for the fancy color skin for this one. Also, uses some WA content.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Sit Back And Wave Through The Daylight

Skitty is a pink kitty-like Pokemon that makes every little girl fall in love with it.

Skitty is Pokemon number 300. She is playful and will chase anything that moves. 

Traits - Childish, Hopeless romantic, Friendly, Good, and Excitable.
LTW - Popular

CC List - 
Clothing - Liana Liana KittyKlan Diva Dress 
Eyeliner/Eyeshadow - Arisuka

PS. I LOVE that eyeliner and eyeshadow set by Arisuka, It's so beautiful.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oddish Attacked With Absorb!

It was super effective!

That's right, I'm finally putting up the Oddish I previewed in a couple of posts ago.

During the day, Oddish (Pokemon Number 43) bury it's face in the ground. At moonlight it wonders around and sows it's seeds.

CC List:
Hair - Newsea - Jelly Dance
Clothing - Liana

One last thing:
I decided to see how the genetics work with the new Fawke's multi-colored skin. Soooo, I decided to mate together my Vulpix and Golduck sims. Normally this wold not work and no egg would come from it, but I crossed my fingers and tried it anyway for science.

Meet their kid Jasmine (No idea where that name came from btw.)

Awww how cute and boring. I aged her up into a toddler within five minutes due to impatience.

And there she is in all her toddler glory. I didn't even take her to the mirror. :]
Golduck will probably be posted up tomorrow or the day after.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

CC Help

Okay, so we all know that I'm making Pokemon sims, but I seem to have a problem: I don't have any proper CC.

So here is what I'm asking you: leave a comment with any CC you find and think might be helpful for making Pokemon. An example would be some tails or maybe something that will go on the back of a Bulbasaur.

So send me that link and I'll loves you forever.

Edit: OMG! I have a second page now. :D <3

Friday, April 9, 2010

Raichu For Furyred

Sooo, does this handsome fellow look familiar to anyone?

If not, go read Fury's legacy. This is one of her delicious heirs by the name of Eden. Only I did what every Pokemon and Sims fan wanted, turned him into a feisty little raichu. 

Considering I didn't actually make the sim, I don't think I'll provide a download. I'll make another Raichu that is just as cute and hunky. <3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vulpix For/Dedicated to Kelle

I would post more, but 1. I feel lazy and 2. I feel lazy. I also just lost all the pics I took of one which I was going to post. Anewayz.
By request here is the oh so lovely Vulpix~

Pokemon number 037, Vulpix is the pre-evolved form of Ninetails. Vulpix is a cute fire pokemon.

Clothes - 
*Some stuff I downloaded from the exchange*
Skin - Fawkes Euphoria Skin Non-default

Sneak Peak

Look at the cutie:
If you were to guess what/who this is, what would you say it is? ;D
I'll give you a hint it is related to pokemon.

Oh, I'm also debating on installing Fawks multi colored non-default skin tones but I'm still not sure. It would be my first mod that's not CC.

Monday, April 5, 2010

To Do List (Now Accepting Requests)

This is so I won't look on here and be all, "What was I going to do again?"

1. Post up patterns
2. Make more patterns
3. Make pokemanz inspired sims
5. Post a pokeman pic

Current works in progress: 
1. Chikorita.

1. Luxio - Jess

Matthew Orange (OMG a male sim!)

I'm currently eating a hard boiled egg sandwich while typing this. Mmmm. I am not responsible for any crumbs.
Matthew Orange is a cutie geekie pie. You're hacker sims have nothing on him. He knows computers better than his own body. Of course being a nerd comes with some downfalls when it comes to girls and other social situations. Ladies, geeks are way better than nerds and this is a sim to prove it.

Traits: Perfectionist, Hopeless Romantic, Inappropriate, Handy, Computer Whiz
LTW:  Can't remember.

CC List:
Hair - Peggy
Body Freckles - One Billion Pixels
Jeans - Arisuka from MTS
Can't seem to find anything else. If you know where something else came from feel free to tell me.

One last picture:

Download - Mediafire

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What In The World Is My Baby Wearing?

My sims had a baby and she popped out with something that looked like a robotic arm.

Is my baby the future Lady GaGa?

First Post + Emily Apple

Yay first post! My name is Amiee. I know it's complicated to spell, but I had no choice in the matter, so get over it. ;]

Anywayz, I'm starting off by posting a simmie. Her name is Emily Apple and she's a young adult.

Traits: Unlucky, Mooch, Loves The Outdoors, Green Thumb, Perfectionist
LTW: Perfect Garden.

I'm still getting used to the way this blog works and it keeps putting the pictures on the top. This is so much easier with html and bbc.

CC List:
Hair - MissBonBon
Clothing -
Everyday -
Formal -
Sleepwear -
Athletic - Think Geek Horror Pack by Kitty Klan -
Body Freckles - *Uses arms and body 1 and legs."
Pattern - Feeling Floral # 5 by Princessdanford -