Friday, April 16, 2010

Sit Back And Wave Through The Daylight

Skitty is a pink kitty-like Pokemon that makes every little girl fall in love with it.

Skitty is Pokemon number 300. She is playful and will chase anything that moves. 

Traits - Childish, Hopeless romantic, Friendly, Good, and Excitable.
LTW - Popular

CC List - 
Clothing - Liana Liana KittyKlan Diva Dress 
Eyeliner/Eyeshadow - Arisuka

PS. I LOVE that eyeliner and eyeshadow set by Arisuka, It's so beautiful.

4 commentations:

Jessamine Diane said...

She's beautiful! I love her!

Amieezilla said...

Thanks Jess.

Ooops. I forgot a full body shot.

JennaBray's Sims said...

Hey there! I see you like to turn pokemon's into sims. Can you do Jiggly Puff? She was one of my favs. BTW! this one is really cute ;)

Amieezilla said...

Sure thing darling!
I'll see what I can do. :]

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