Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vulpix For/Dedicated to Kelle

I would post more, but 1. I feel lazy and 2. I feel lazy. I also just lost all the pics I took of one which I was going to post. Anewayz.
By request here is the oh so lovely Vulpix~

Pokemon number 037, Vulpix is the pre-evolved form of Ninetails. Vulpix is a cute fire pokemon.

Clothes - 
*Some stuff I downloaded from the exchange*
Skin - Fawkes Euphoria Skin Non-default

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Jessamine Diane said...
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Kelle said...

aww thanks amiee! she is awesomesauce!!!! :D

Amieezilla said...

I'm glad you like her. :3

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