Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hitched Assignment 8

It's not letting me post this on the main site, so this will do.

"Even if the child was going to be an accident, it still hurt just as much when the life was stolen far too early."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aww Look A Temp Ban

So I posted something saucy and sexy over at the forums and now I'm temp banned. I could get mad and be all, "OH MAH GAWD FUCKS U EA" like a lot of people do (even the ones who did deserve it and know what they did...). I'm not mad. I should have linked the picture just to be safe like I always do. After all, there are children on the forums.

Anyway, here's my saucy and sexy entry for Hitched:

Click picture to see full size. 
Now for the story:
Helvetica had lost quite a few of relationships due to experimentation and she wasn't about to lose her marriage to one either. So what's a girl to do in this situation? The answer was almost too simple. Since Cato gained his experience, Helvetica wanted to gain one for herself. So after much deciding the two called a close friend and they enjoyed an experience together. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Self-Portrait

I changed my simself a little, and made this for future judging panels I may be in.

"Ohhey there sexy, I'm just laying here wif my companion cube."

I kind of want to make this my blog banner, but I like my purple theme.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Taking Bets!

So this is my new signature in honor of my coming out in the outside world:

Now what I'm wondering is how against LGBT the mods on the forums are. Would it be against their rules if I was banned? I'd be banned for being discriminated against my sexuality. They could pull the card of inappropriate and chuck the old "but children might see it! They might know what gay is!" Which I bet all of you that your children know what gays are and are fully understandable. In fact they are ready to be taught to not hate us. 

Anyway, I digress. If I do get banned I'mma roflcopter and make a new sig about how that mod is a homophobe. Yep. My name is Amiee, I'm a woman on a mission.

By the by, if anyone else wants a sexuality pride signature, let me hook you up. Heck you can even steal mine. I won't mind seeing mine all over the place. Hahaha.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am A Warrior!

So this is my current entry for Calendar Girls: Timeless Beauties, or something to that sort. The assignment was Greek Warrior.

As far as editing goes, I played with levels and the hue/saturation, and I also added in some of those bruises and dirt, or whatever you want them to be. Hahaha.

On another note, I have a beauty soon up for grabs:

Her name be Helvetica sonz. I once had this great idea, why not name Sims after typefaces?! So here is Helvetica unofficially. I still need to rip the skin off of her and upload her properly so no black skinned Sims for you. Though sometimes I enjoy getting surprise skins when I install a Sim. It's like free CC with no hassle!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Comps Comps Comps

Wow, posting a blog on the Macs at my college is so weird. I don't know how big the monitor is, but it is huuuugggeee compared to my laptop. Anyway, I want to spend a moment to talk about competitions.

First up, some of you may have heard about JKAmaryllis' new competition called Canvas. It's where the assignments are going to be based off of different types, maybe pieces, of art. I think this is going to be a fun competition and I really can't wait to see how it goes. Amber is a great competition host and she judges quite fair. You can see the thread here.

Random picture to fill the space.

Another competition I want to talk about is Static Future Modeling that is hosted by SimsARL and CrazyPlumbob915. This is a new competition and the first to be hosted by these two. They both are excellent hosts that are always on time and always checking the thread. There hasn't been a time where I was left waiting for a response. The two are professional with their competition. The thread is neatly laid out and well categorized. So A+ for design, ladies! They judge fairly and are always giving recommendations on how to improve in their comments. I would definitely sign up for another one of their competitions. The thread can be found here.

Another random picture to fill the space.

I liked making a post like this. I could probably do a whole segment on competition reviews. What do you think?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay 50 posts!

Wow, that took me forever to reach, haha.

So, I did my windows re-install and now that everything is normal-ish and my Adobe CS5 is working, my Sims game looks really different.

It looks smaller and more skewed then before. I checked the resolution and it is the one right for my computer, but it still doesn't look right. i'm thinking I'm missing a driver, but I have all the ones for my graphics card. So I don't know. I want it back to being what it was before.

I sold my first art prints today! This guy at work really liked my Edgar Allen Poe stamps I made and so I printed them off before the stamp process.

They are all hand painted in gouache and watercolor as separate pieces, then they were scanned in and resized and all stamp-ified. The first one in the series is probably my favorite, the girl one looked much better as a sketch. :]

I have to apologize for the people who wanted Lightning. I didn't save her in my Sim bin like I thought I did. So no more Lightning. D:

Want more pictures? I hate making blog posts without a bunch of pictures. I made these atrocities for some comps I had due after I did a system re-install. I will always smack myself in the head for not doing these before I had to do the re-install.

First up is Hitched:

I recycled this picture, I was going to use it for a different assignment, but then decided on a different approach. I downloaded that font just for this entry. I'm surprised how well I did in the scores too. I thought for sure I was going to be eliminated.

Next is Timeless Beauties Calender Girls:

I was inspired by Sun who said she was going to make her model thinking about her army boy, but she was too busy. I couldn't shake the idea so I made this. I like how he is popping out of the thought bubble, but I wish I didn't cut off his hand like that. I should have left it or something. Very unprofessional to have random limbs cut off. 

That's all I have, sadly. So thanks for reading ;D