Monday, August 30, 2010

We Call This A Filler

Guess what I received on Saturday night at 10:43?! Give up? A speeding ticket. Apparently I was going 44 in a 25, which is one below reckless driving. I was in a school zone and zoning out to some nice music, (Probably Fiona Apple) I stop at a stoplight thinking to myself, "Gee I was going pretty fast back there." I make the turn and I see the lights of the lovely hues of red and blue. According to the officer he didn't add on a residential zone fee, which would have add like hundreds of dollars onto my ticket.

Thank you officer, I'm a good kid, I promise. This is my first speeding ticket, but I've had a parking ticket before. I parked in a teachers parking lot at my college and the officers didn't like that.

Anyone want to see a picture of my car? No? Too bad.

I'm very proud of her, she made it to 170,000 miles a couple of days ago. <3

What else to talk about? I made some generic sims for generic contests. Ive debated on uploading them, but I feel they look too.... plastic. 

She's like too perfect. Usually when I feel I made a too perfect Sim I attack their noses to give them some sort of faults. After all, everyone has a fault. Man, I love those lemon leaf eyes too. Too bad I had to kill her for some ghost contest.

Even my faerie for Faerie Folk Cycle 2 looks generic. She's actually sitting in my uploads on my launcher. I can't decide to upload her or not. Maybe if I get some sliders like the rest of you people my Sims won't look so generic? I like the fact that I can say, "Yes, my Sims won't revert if you touch them, they come as they are, no sliders necessary." Maybe if I just don't create a few for awhile I'll come up with someone awesome looking.

On one final note: I am deciding whether or not to start my own contest at Cstyles. I have a theme already. Video Games. The whole idea is your character is the hero/heroine, I will be directing the assignments as if they were levels. For example the first one would be a tutorial and it'd be basic and boring. I'm kind of excited. I plan to do this after the contests I'm in are over and I get it more planned out or something.

Now I am off to go bug Kelle at her chat and hopefully to get some sleep.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Get Talking Like A Teen

Am I the only one in the Simming community completely in love with Tegan and Sara? I must be. I really want to make Sims of them, and most of all I want their hair.

I'm not going to lie, I wish I could pull their hairstyles off, thus is why I want them for my Sims! I can make pretty girls with this hair-do. There probably already is a couple out there like these and I'm just silly and over looked them, but none the less! I need my Tegan and Sara fan-girl bar filled.

Not know who Tegan and Sara is? How dare you! Listen to the video.

In other news, I've been missing in action this week more than I wanted to be. Turns out going to work right after school was not the best idea, but it gets me the money I need, so I'm going to stick through it. I'm definitely not used to going to school every day. It's just weird to me now. Anyway, I'm going to try to put some Simming time in this week and hopefully get my stuff done and have something more interesting to post about.

Your move-objects glitch of the week. :]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alligator Tears Cried Over You

I have a new male for you:

Name: John Evereen
Age: Young Adult
Mission: Sexing up your game.

Normally this is where I would post his traits and everything, but his file was huge. Like 48.80 MB. So he wouldn't upload to the exchange, and since that's usually how I "remember" is traits, no traits for yous.

This Sim is in the .sim format instead of my usual package file. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

This has to be one of my favorite sets I've ever made.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back In Your Head

So I've been up to things once again. I forgot pretty much all about school and it turns out it starts on August 23rd. I'm not really excited because this will be the first semester where I probably have to try and study. I wonder if I can still remember how. ;D

I'm soon to be a poor school student too, my school book's costs come to a grand total $246.78. Now, that is worth a full week's paycheck and then a couple of days for me. Which will probably mean a smaller paycheck since I'll be busy at school and stressing my brains out. I'll be accepting bets to see how long I can last until I go nuts and stab people with Furbys.

So on a Sims related thought:

I installed the Choas Mod to my Sims game. So far so good. I kinda like it actually. My game crashed once, but that was due to some extreme CC I overloaded inside the house. (Well, that's what I'm blaming it on)

There's a spoiler picture for the first chapter of my story. I'm so sorry it's taking this long, but I can't really do anything about it. I have my priorities straight and getting monies from work and luvins from the boyfriend is pretty important to me.

So must leave you now. If anything in this post not make sense, then just ignore or rofl at it. My intelligence level is always on the lower side when it's really late at night. (Currently 2:21 A.M.)