Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back In Your Head

So I've been up to things once again. I forgot pretty much all about school and it turns out it starts on August 23rd. I'm not really excited because this will be the first semester where I probably have to try and study. I wonder if I can still remember how. ;D

I'm soon to be a poor school student too, my school book's costs come to a grand total $246.78. Now, that is worth a full week's paycheck and then a couple of days for me. Which will probably mean a smaller paycheck since I'll be busy at school and stressing my brains out. I'll be accepting bets to see how long I can last until I go nuts and stab people with Furbys.

So on a Sims related thought:

I installed the Choas Mod to my Sims game. So far so good. I kinda like it actually. My game crashed once, but that was due to some extreme CC I overloaded inside the house. (Well, that's what I'm blaming it on)

There's a spoiler picture for the first chapter of my story. I'm so sorry it's taking this long, but I can't really do anything about it. I have my priorities straight and getting monies from work and luvins from the boyfriend is pretty important to me.

So must leave you now. If anything in this post not make sense, then just ignore or rofl at it. My intelligence level is always on the lower side when it's really late at night. (Currently 2:21 A.M.)

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Anonymous said...

It says, "Created by Amieezilla at 2:48 AM". You must be reallly tired. ;)

And please don't stab me with a Furby. :0

Amieezilla said...

I was tired, I ended up sleeping in until a little after noon. :]
But Furbys are amazing stabbing tools.

Randomspirit said...

GAH! Furbys are evil incarnate >=[ normally i likes meh some evil, but they are BAD evil - i swear my cousin's one told me to "Fuck off" once >_>

and boo at all the school stuffs :( its amazing how much people have to spend on school shit!
One reason why i haven't gone to Uni yet XD College was bad enough - "We're going to hand out a MAHOOSIVE list of shit you need for this course, OH - and you have pay for it yourselves, cos we can't be arsed. Kthxbai!"

Sorry... what was my point? O_o I went off on one there, sorry 'bout that =P

Amieezilla said...

Yeah, I heard you could train them to say whatever you want, I tried to teach mine my name and stuff, but it didn't work. My Furby had to have been retarded.

Hahaha, one way my college does it s to look up the book on the bookstore website, buy the books before the first day of class, turns out you didn't need the books. We don't get our leftover student loan monies until a month or so after school starts. Yay rants! :D

Flutterby said...

Wow! $246 for school must be an awesome bargain shopper...when I was in college (at least the last 2 years before I graduated) that would only take care of one maybe two courses worth of books. Lucky.

And on another note...furbys are evhil!! Mine used to fart all the time. Lol.

Amieezilla said...

Buying the cheapest used books on amazon has saved me oodles. Sadly though, the cost has gone up, since a few of the listings already sol those books.

Anonymous said...

I shorted my Furby out a long time ago. I threw it in the sink because it kept giggling and wouldn't shut up.

Amieezilla said...

That poor poor Furby. xD

Poison Ivy/Candii said...

I trained my furby to say
Chelsea rules!
but it ended up sayin
nely pools.
i ripped its batteries out!

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