Monday, August 30, 2010

We Call This A Filler

Guess what I received on Saturday night at 10:43?! Give up? A speeding ticket. Apparently I was going 44 in a 25, which is one below reckless driving. I was in a school zone and zoning out to some nice music, (Probably Fiona Apple) I stop at a stoplight thinking to myself, "Gee I was going pretty fast back there." I make the turn and I see the lights of the lovely hues of red and blue. According to the officer he didn't add on a residential zone fee, which would have add like hundreds of dollars onto my ticket.

Thank you officer, I'm a good kid, I promise. This is my first speeding ticket, but I've had a parking ticket before. I parked in a teachers parking lot at my college and the officers didn't like that.

Anyone want to see a picture of my car? No? Too bad.

I'm very proud of her, she made it to 170,000 miles a couple of days ago. <3

What else to talk about? I made some generic sims for generic contests. Ive debated on uploading them, but I feel they look too.... plastic. 

She's like too perfect. Usually when I feel I made a too perfect Sim I attack their noses to give them some sort of faults. After all, everyone has a fault. Man, I love those lemon leaf eyes too. Too bad I had to kill her for some ghost contest.

Even my faerie for Faerie Folk Cycle 2 looks generic. She's actually sitting in my uploads on my launcher. I can't decide to upload her or not. Maybe if I get some sliders like the rest of you people my Sims won't look so generic? I like the fact that I can say, "Yes, my Sims won't revert if you touch them, they come as they are, no sliders necessary." Maybe if I just don't create a few for awhile I'll come up with someone awesome looking.

On one final note: I am deciding whether or not to start my own contest at Cstyles. I have a theme already. Video Games. The whole idea is your character is the hero/heroine, I will be directing the assignments as if they were levels. For example the first one would be a tutorial and it'd be basic and boring. I'm kind of excited. I plan to do this after the contests I'm in are over and I get it more planned out or something.

Now I am off to go bug Kelle at her chat and hopefully to get some sleep.

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Randomspirit said...

Oooh car! Whats it called? My family is weird, and we name our cars XD Ours are Redgie and Merlin.
You must name it, Amiee :O Random demands it =P
(Joke. Obviously you don't have to... i just be in a weird mood. Hahahahaha =D)

Amieezilla said...

I don't know what to name it, that's the thing. I sometimes call it little car since I used to drive a giant van. But it's not rally that little. Help me come up with it? It's a 95 ford escort ;D

Randomspirit said...

Englebert =D

(Lol! XD)

CelSera said...

Aw man, that sucks about the ticket :( But thank goodness he didn't tack on that residential zone fee!

My car is named 'V'. I really only refer to her as that occasionally, but she'll always be my baby. Congrats on making it to 170,000! My engine would be powering some blender before she'd make it that far...o_O

Anonymous said...

Anno what you mean when you say your Sims look plastic. I went through that a few months ago -- you need to stretch out your style and go for something you don't like and just be okay with it. :) And then it doesn't matter anymore.

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