Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Spiral

What costs 12k and is mine?

My 2006 Jeep Liberty! Now I know I just posted about my little Escort and how rusty and junky it was, but the electronic seat belt broke and that was a thousand dollars just to get the parts. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not spending a thousand dollars on a damn seatbelt when I can spend 12k on a nice new car. It has four-wheel drive and it's actually not that big. I live in the mountains, so come winter I'll be the one actually able to leave the house. 

So that's what I've been doing/stressing over. I bought it on the 13th so i'm still trying to configure my payments on all my bills for each week. I don't think I'm going to be able to afford the Late Night expansion pack. :<

I has a poll for you!  Yes! I want to know what the Simming community likes their files to be in. So! Vote and tell me what kind of file you'd prefer to have your Sims in!

What Sim File Do You Prefer?

I'm looking up all the custom content for this loverly Sim for you:

I haven't had much time to play my game, (Darn you college and work and significant other!) but I really want to push more Sims out. So expect... actually don't expect. My life is changing so a lack of updates will happen, but you're welcome to push me to update. (Cough Kelle ;D) 

Oh one more preview of a Sim I'm working on:

She is, of course, supposed to be mixed in the race department. I decided to go half Black, half kinda Asian. I'll gladly take feedback on her. I want to improve. I've never really made a Sim that wasn't pastey white, so every bit helps. Except that whole, "Boo yer sims sucks!!11!! Ariz's are liek wai moar awsume!" But you kids already knew that right? ;D

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Randomspirit said...

Awesome jeep is awesome!! Love jeeps <3 My Grandad used to have a Suzuki Vitara soft top and a Nissan Terrano - luffed them to bits. Whats your road tax like - Jeeps are normally quite a bundle, aren't they?

Nice new simmie aswell, fantastic eyes! =D

Amieezilla said...

Road tax? I have no idea what that is. xD Jeeps are quite expensive, but they are sturdy. I could take mine off roading! Not that I would. >w<

Thanks! :D <3

Randomspirit said...

Seriously?! O_o What country you liveth in, Amiee dear...?

Anonymous said...

Psst! Asian genetics almost always overpower the other partner's genes! Unless they're both Asian! ;)

Kelle said...

love the new car :D what are you doing with your old one? letting it collect dust and dirt? stoopid seatbelt thingy. >.< and arentcha just glad i made you update? well i didnt really make you...just kinda suggested it xD i want a car but i want a computer before a car oddly enough lol

hay randall *waves* amiee is in the usa wif meh. Yus. :P

Amieezilla said...

Random- I lives in de U.S.A. :3

Abby - Really? :O! I had no idea. Can't there be a slight weird gene mixture going on? xD I'll have to be on the look out for that couple that comes to the place I work at and see what their black/asian baby looks like.

Kelle - I traded the old rust-bucket in for my Jeep. I have no idea how much it helped, but none the less. xD And yesh thank you for suggesting it.

Kelle said...

hehehe well this one is much much prettier :3 i likes it :D

Randomspirit said...

No wait, i see. Another US v UK word switcheroo. My mate who moved to South Carolina says its called a "Registration fee" over your end...?

We call it Road Tax.... well, actually its posh name is "Vehicle Excise Duty" *eyeroll*
Who thinks up this stuff?! Seriously >_<

Amieezilla said...

Yeah, registration fee xD
I have no idea what my registration fee is yet, my old car was like 20 bucks.

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