Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Baby, How 'Bout We Make Some Covalent Bonds

Today kids, I'm going to teach you some science. Some basic science that can easily be found on Wikipedia, but I digress. So today's lesson is on Carbon!

Carbon is a chemical element in which the symbol is C and the atomic number of 6. What's an atomic number? Google it, what kind of teacher do you think I am? Anyway! Carbon is non-metallic and tetravalent. It is most common in the form of diamonds and graphite. It is the fourth most abundant element in the earth by mass.

Now I can't take this idea, for I was really inspired by Xie Belle on Garden of Shadows. She made ALL of the elements on the periodic tables, I'll probably do like two or three. I just really liked the name Carbon and I remembered stumbling across that thread and felt inspired. 

For the traits, I just kind of went with it, I know that carbon likes to bond and... stuff... I'm in biology, I'm no chemist.

Traits: Charismatic, Handy, Family-Orientated, Eccentric

I'm not gonna lie, she makes me smile. :]

Uhm, what other funny comments can I make? None? Well, I might as well post up one last picture.

Time for the Fun part.

CC List: 
Everyday Outfit Everyday Boots Formal Dress Sleep wear  Pearl Headband Earrings  Eyes Donation Hair by Newsea, may transfer. As for the eyes I'm clueless on that one. They are pretty though. I may have another favorite. Thanks Abby! Eyes are by the very talented Subaxi.

7 commentations:

CelSera said...

That's AWESOME! And what a cool concept too -- she's stunning, Amiee! :D

Amieezilla said...

Thanks Cel! :D <3

Westie said...

She can only marry metals and she likes to borrow your electrons.

These elements can be so dirty sometimes.

I have an element legacy :P It be hard. And I don't even have the first child.

Amieezilla said...

They are dirty, science is dirty. xD

You do!? I must read it. Is it the whole picking the traits? I had the most trouble with that. I really want to make Neon, cause that's an easy one. :3

Westie said...

Yeah I picked a few traits, though it's a little hard for some of them. I'm debating giving all of them the genius trait. The first three boys are adorable! And have rainbow starburts on them. Like their daddy. :)

Amieezilla said...

Do you have it up anywhere? :O I wanna see these colorful babies.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, purty!

Just don't hook her up with monoxide, or Rue will die D:

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