Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Is My Excited Face

For those of you who have not seen this picture online yet:

We be getting new sliders on Late Night! :D <3! So now I need this Expansion pack so I can make a Pamela Anderson boob sized Sim! Oh and cute little A-cup scenesters too.

This may be nothing for you peeps and yer mod sliders, but for me I need this. I'm starting a fund and it's the fund of "Help Amiee Afford Late Night So She Can Afford Her New Car Too." Only pennies a day can help save this poor girl from being jealous of other simmers and their fancy new expansion pack.

So with the last assignment of Faerie Folk I messed up my Sim's house. Playing with Floor Elevation false and flatten lot are not a good idea. The whole place was squished together. The stairs functioned well but all the items were through the floor and the lights were chilling on the floor. I had my ghost Sim's daughter stuck on an invisible bed and then my ghost Sim just disappeared all together. Luckily though, with Reset Sim and Chaos Mod, I was able to move the family into a much better house. 

I'm feeling kinda icky, so I'm going to go and take a nice shower. I leave you with a picture of the current public bathroom situation at my work:

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blairlhendy said...
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Anonymous said...

Methinks someone has been messing with my blogger account, cuz that^ is just weird. And also NOT MINE. Despite the fact that I posted it >.>

Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't see the bathrooms by the campsite I was at this weekend . . .


Amieezilla said...

@Blaz - O.o Change your password. My boyfriend had his G-mail account hacked last week. Had to change his password on everything.

@Abby - That's a campsite though. Those are the worst kind of bathrooms. D: My family stays at campsites for vacation with the RV, and they are awful. This is just funny cause it's like someone was just like, "Yer not cleaning my hands good enough!!!" and threw the sink off the wall and onto the floor.

Spychip said...

I don't have any EPs and I got this :P Thankfully, you only need to get patch 17 or something.

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