Thursday, October 7, 2010

History Books Forgot About Us

I'm living up to that promise I made weeks ago; I'm posting my faerie from Blazaxx's Faerie Folk contest. I was eliminated this past week, which is sad, but I at least came in fifth. I'm glad I didn't lose to some awful contestants either, those peeps left are crazy awesome and I can't wait to see who wins this cycle.

Anyway, most of the pictures I have of Rue are contest pictures, but the only Photoshop that I have done is hue and brightness and contrast. So she will look very much like the photos. I'd also like to point out - Click the picture for a bigger view.

Same head shot I've used for my other posts on her. It's just my favorite portrait of her. You can see the detail in the eyes and it's just so pretty. Hair is a retexture by Missbonbon.

I never entered this picture, but everywhere I seem to post it, people seem to like this one. I do too.  Hair retexture by Anubis.

Aww, doesn't she look so cute in her little apron dress?

I made this super grunge set and then ended up not using them for the assignment, for it didn't follow what the host wanted. As you have noticed, I really like that hair on her. I've used it for probably half of the assignments.

Okay, so the Rue Deburt file doesn't contain all of these outfits, so here's what she'll come in this outfit that is in the game and the hair in the first picture:

CC List (File Only):
Hair | Wings | Skin | Formal | Eyes | Blush | 

Here she is on the Exchange if you want to rec or the Mediafire file doesn't work that well.
Side Note: If you have any questions about any custom content in any of my pictures feel free to ask. :]

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Lieutenant Butterfly said...

She's so pretty! Where did you get the tigers from? (Whoa, that was random xD)

Amieezilla said...

I got them from:

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