Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thus Is Life

I received some very bad news today:

[Click for bigger view]

Yep folks, the lovely non-default skin tones are now obsolete due to the new patch. They cause the new boob and muscle tone sliders not appear at all. What does this mean? What shall happen to my colorful Sims? I simply cannot live without my beautiful skins. 

It' okay Carbon, we'll figure something out. You can cry if you want to. D':

Okay, this is depressing. Time to move onto a happy subject! I has won an award!

What, you expected a real reward? Pfffttt! My simself has gained the key to the city for being such an awesomesauce architect, because that's totally what mayors give to architects. So I appeared in my whole cleavage-y goodness and accepted my key from the very odd hippie-ish mayor. I be so jealous of his luscious mane. 

Yeah slut-face, you better cheer for me- ooo confetti~ Overall, I say party was a modest attempt. Needed more confetti and better people to look at. :3

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JKAmaryllis said...

I was lucky enough that my friend livestreamed herself playing after she installed, and her sliders didn't work and I had the suspicion, so I haven't installed yet. It's killing me though. I can't lose my legacy!!!! I just can't!! I REALLY hope they have a fix soon.

JKAmaryllis said...

Hey!!! Does your mouse have a scroll wheel? Just leave the skin tones in and take out the UI mod! I'm about to make a blog post about it.

Amieezilla said...

It doesn't, but I have a wireless one that does :O!

Anonymous said...

Anno, I lost my gorgeous skintones :'( But someone will find a way to work around it! We have a clever modding community!
Plus, Delphy's boob sliders still work which make me happy, since the EA ones are so crappy.

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