Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aww Look A Temp Ban

So I posted something saucy and sexy over at the forums and now I'm temp banned. I could get mad and be all, "OH MAH GAWD FUCKS U EA" like a lot of people do (even the ones who did deserve it and know what they did...). I'm not mad. I should have linked the picture just to be safe like I always do. After all, there are children on the forums.

Anyway, here's my saucy and sexy entry for Hitched:

Click picture to see full size. 
Now for the story:
Helvetica had lost quite a few of relationships due to experimentation and she wasn't about to lose her marriage to one either. So what's a girl to do in this situation? The answer was almost too simple. Since Cato gained his experience, Helvetica wanted to gain one for herself. So after much deciding the two called a close friend and they enjoyed an experience together. 

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Mysticfeline said...

Ha! Something like this happened to me a month or two ago. I linked my photo and still got a ban. Funny thing was they sent me an e-mail saying it was for 30 days even though it was only 3 :P

Amieezilla said...

Oh man. At least it wasn't 30 days. They didn't even tell me how long in the email they sent me. =P

JKAmaryllis said...

Creativity: 24
Quality: 23
Relation/Portrayal: 25
Pose: 24
Total: 96
Comments: Mmmmmm Saucy! lol. You know how I do wish to see both faces, however sometimes I just don't want to be as picky. I did deduct some points, but not as many as I could because this pic is kinda more about Helvetica and her getting hers lol. I really like that she's kinda bein the dominant one too, like she's like "alright, it's MY turn." The background is okay, a lil picky but I'd like the painting not directly behind her so it would balance the picture a little more, but otherwise I'm liking the camera angle as well. Great work, Amiee

Creativity 25/25
General Quality 24/25
Relation to assignment/ portrayal 23/25
Pose 25/25

Total 97/100

Comments: Well.....lol. This is awesome. I’m glad you went wild with this assignment and really thought of something creative to portray. Reconciliation was something I was expecting to see, but you totally took that concept and dressed it up real crazy hehe. The posing is fantastic, I do wish I could see more of the group’s faces, but in the context of what is happening I’m glad I can at least see that sultry look on Helvetica face. The quality is a little off in a few places, a bit blurry and pixely looking in particular around the hand and arm of their ‘’guest’’. I like the set, but it felt like it needed to be balanced a bit on that wall, the painting moved over to the left more, just so it’s not all bunched up in behind Helvetica’s body....or maybe using something other than paintings to fill the void, like a bookcase, a tall plant, a dresser with a few objects on top of it, that sort of thing.

Total: 193

:D thought you might want those since they wont even load for ya

Amieezilla said...

Aww thank you so much <3 :D
I wasn't really expecting to do that well.

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