Monday, April 5, 2010

Matthew Orange (OMG a male sim!)

I'm currently eating a hard boiled egg sandwich while typing this. Mmmm. I am not responsible for any crumbs.
Matthew Orange is a cutie geekie pie. You're hacker sims have nothing on him. He knows computers better than his own body. Of course being a nerd comes with some downfalls when it comes to girls and other social situations. Ladies, geeks are way better than nerds and this is a sim to prove it.

Traits: Perfectionist, Hopeless Romantic, Inappropriate, Handy, Computer Whiz
LTW:  Can't remember.

CC List:
Hair - Peggy
Body Freckles - One Billion Pixels
Jeans - Arisuka from MTS
Can't seem to find anything else. If you know where something else came from feel free to tell me.

One last picture:

Download - Mediafire

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Spychip said...

Shirt is skeletalscreams

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