Thursday, April 1, 2010

What In The World Is My Baby Wearing?

My sims had a baby and she popped out with something that looked like a robotic arm.

Is my baby the future Lady GaGa?

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Bridget said...

OH! It's a glitch. I had this happen. It's bad CC. It's these boots.

It's reallllllly annoying ):

Amieezilla said...

Yeah, I looked in my installed content thingy and I think I deleted them, though I haven't checked it out in the game yet.

The little paperclip said...

i have that to, if you get on with a brown arm , your pooped it does this glitch were you cant see the baby v. anoying
the boots i hav
its em 2!

Jessamine Diane said...

Oh my God!! She looks so wonderfully evil!!!

Spychip said...

Terminator baby!

Elinha1995 said...

I love the robotic hand.

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