Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oddish Attacked With Absorb!

It was super effective!

That's right, I'm finally putting up the Oddish I previewed in a couple of posts ago.

During the day, Oddish (Pokemon Number 43) bury it's face in the ground. At moonlight it wonders around and sows it's seeds.

CC List:
Hair - Newsea - Jelly Dance
Clothing - Liana

One last thing:
I decided to see how the genetics work with the new Fawke's multi-colored skin. Soooo, I decided to mate together my Vulpix and Golduck sims. Normally this wold not work and no egg would come from it, but I crossed my fingers and tried it anyway for science.

Meet their kid Jasmine (No idea where that name came from btw.)

Awww how cute and boring. I aged her up into a toddler within five minutes due to impatience.

And there she is in all her toddler glory. I didn't even take her to the mirror. :]
Golduck will probably be posted up tomorrow or the day after.

2 commentations:

Jessamine Diane said...

Is Jasmine in the Poke'dex now then? Hey, you could breed your Poke'mon Sims and getall sorts of weird new Poke'mon!

Amieezilla said...

Yes it's number 3192 :D
Yep! I was also debating on doing a legacy like that, only the kids get named and then changed to resemble the Pokemon. I decided it would be too much work. xD

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