Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your Boy Is Like A Memory

This is probably going to be a quick and to the point blog. I have to wake up early tomorrow for class and it's late. So here is another two patterns to tide you over with. :]

First up is the first pattern I ever made: A lovely giraffe pattern.


That brings up to my last pattern, another one of my lovely lotus patterns.

Model is Skitty. 


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Jessamine Diane said...

You certainly love your Skitty.

Amieezilla said...

She's definitely one of the top sims I've ever made.

clairezy018 said...

I love your giraffe print it is soooo cute!!! I am kind of obsessed with animal print right now.

I love your pokemon sims! I really want to make one now...

clairezy018 said...

Hi hi! just popped in to say you inspired me to make my own pokemon sim. hehe brings back good memories.

lol the word verification to post was unsim

Amieezilla said...

Aww, which one is it? I wanna see it. :3

Lolz. Blogspor doesn't appreciate our simming. xD

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