Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Picture

What do you get when you combine a Eden-chu and a Skitty?

Answer: Bailey, Caleb, Skitty holding Ara, Harsh, Will and Eden-chu in the back.

I know it's not the best family portrait ever, but you try getting a family of six to stay still long enough.

I pity Bailey, she's the only girl. I wonder if that will effect her upbringing. She'll probably be so sick of dealing with estrogen and up with a girl instead. Haha.

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Jessamine Diane said...

Poor Bailey. I'd never cope in that household with alol the non-girls.

Amieezilla said...

I blame Eden for sending over the X,Y chromosomes.

I can't wait to see how the girlfriend situations are going to turn out later. xD

FuryRed said...

Ahmagad so cute! I demand regular updates on the Eden/Skitty fam- I feel like they're my kids or something cause of Eden.... although, Super Fury smexed Eden so... okay it's weird.


Amieezilla said...

Haha, will do! They are my favorite family to play. Haha, they kinda are like your kids, maybe step kids? xD

Jessamine Diane said...

They're Crimson's half-siblings arn't they so I guess that makes Fury sort of related to them! LOL!!

We're going to have to spoil poor Bailey! LOL!! I know, we'll get hera dog!!! Shit, pets ain't out yet.

Amieezilla said...

Well, in my game they are in some alternate universe and don't even know each other. So that means my kids can get freaky with Super Fury's kids as much as I want. :]

I'll NEVER get pets. It's so obnoxious, I hated having that in my game.

Kelle said...

wouldnt she be fed up with testosterone? >.> im confuzzed now....poor girl. meaning bailey. not me xD

Amieezilla said...

I knew I would get them wrong when I posted this. xD I even looked it up.

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