Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am A Warrior!

So this is my current entry for Calendar Girls: Timeless Beauties, or something to that sort. The assignment was Greek Warrior.

As far as editing goes, I played with levels and the hue/saturation, and I also added in some of those bruises and dirt, or whatever you want them to be. Hahaha.

On another note, I have a beauty soon up for grabs:

Her name be Helvetica sonz. I once had this great idea, why not name Sims after typefaces?! So here is Helvetica unofficially. I still need to rip the skin off of her and upload her properly so no black skinned Sims for you. Though sometimes I enjoy getting surprise skins when I install a Sim. It's like free CC with no hassle!

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Spychip said...

She's beautiful! She's the same one on Hitched, right?

Amieezilla said...

Yep :D
I just had to use her. <3 Love at first creation.

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