Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Not Dead!

This semester has been awful to me and when I take my last exam Friday I'll be free! Free as a bird until school starts back up again in January. I'm glad it's to be over with in all honesty.

Anyway, I'm still working my little simself story. Turns out I'm too stubborn to go back into my urn when daylight comes around. Let me say, that's made things quite annoying. I make an annoying ghost. =P

My latest entry from Calender Girls:

I have fallen in love with Lightning. She has this Sims 2 look to her somehow, but she's keeping it pretty at the same time. Also, some little trivia for you, the male in this picture is Tristan from Furyred's Heart Legacy. I shrank his ears a little since it looked a little weird with the short hairstyle. I went with the "Military-Boyfriend-In 1960's setting" idea. I think these two make quite a cute couple. ;D We may be seeing babies in the future! (Maybe)

Uhm, for those interested I made a new art portfolio/gallery site. I imported everything from my Deviant Art account (long story why I moved) which I sometimes update but not always. Anyway, for you stalkers here is my portfolio. (Yay self promotion!)

Oh, and here is a sample of a piece I'm working on, I'm still fixing everything up, but it's called a Work-In-Progress for a reason. Oh and there is "boobies" in this piece, meaning that there is outlines of balloons where a certain female body part should be. There is no tiny circles in these balloons. If you are offended by balloons or slight boobies, then I think you shouldn't be following my blog. >_>

It will look way better when done. I haven't done any coloring in Photoshop for a loooong time. I had this drawn on a bristol board in pencil. I took a picture of it with my awesome Droid Eris smartphone. Then I traced it with the pen tool and laid out some basic colors and shades. I plan to go back and fix the eyes and add some more detail and cut off the shot at the upper boobie level. 

I really can't believe it's almost been a month since I've posted. What be wrong with me? D:<

(Side Note: I have used the word boobie in this post 4 times! :D)

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