Friday, December 31, 2010

Love Type Thing

Want to see my new favorite screen shot?

She just looks so happy banging on her drums. I made a new couple for JKAmaryllis' competition called Hitched. 

Bailey, pictured above, makes some of the best faces. She makes my face go all happeh.

Etoile, Bailey's "partner" as you people force upon them to use, doesn't make as much faces. I had to sit for the longest time waiting for her to do an idle animation. 

These two were destined/forced together by me and they are cute. The two should be up for upload when I get the chance. I just wanted to take these so I could turn in my models.  


2 commentations:

Randomspirit said...

Aww, Bailey's hair matches Etoile's skin ^_^ Lol!

Amieezilla said...

I didn't even notice that! hahahaa!

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