Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I Do With Your Sims When You Are Not Looking

So nothing is easier than using someone's pre-made sims and dropping them into your game. My favorite thing to do is to use them in competition assignments and see if anyone has noticed.


This is my picture for Calender Girls' second assignment. Now, If you look closely you see a chick in  pink and Bailey on the drums. Would you like to see the other "Props"?

First up is the pink chick:

Want to know who she is? She's Piper Amiee-Lee Lawson from Furyred's Heart Family Legacy. I dyed her hair pink and went all out. I tried to go with a hair metal feel for my makeshift band, but I feel she is more punk. I've been meaning to use that top by Evie and I felt it was perfect.

Next on the list, the guitarist:

Okay, so all of my extras this time comes from Fury's legacy. I couldn't remember which one he is, I'm thinking Saffron. I kept his brown hair color, took of his top, made him more hair metal to my best ability. He looks good like this, reminds me of a werewolf. He would make a seeeexy werewolf.

Now, I know I've told you all my model's official extra is Tristan, but I wanted to show him too:

Nothing says hair metal like a black jacket and some red eye makeup. I think it looks good on him. Tristan might do well in Drag. Tristan was going to be the groom in my shot but he kept getting in the way so I moved him to the side. Such an attention slut. 

Now, I know some people get all mad when peeps modify their Sims and whatev's, but I didn't claim as my own and I gave credit.So it'sa bunch of pixels that aren't uploaded anywhere. Oh and my space bar is hating me so if words are all together, then I'm sorry, I tried to catch all of them.

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