Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bumblebee Tuna

I'm going to the beach. Oh yesh, the beach. I'm going to be eating Joe's Crab Shack and getting my skin burned. I should be packing right now, but I'm spending time online. :]

Anyway, I'm going to be gone at the beach from Sunday to Wednesday. I've told some people but I figured I would make a post in case people went crazy and started to miss me (Pft like that would happen.) I will come back with nice stuff, hopefully, since I have a new simself I'm going to make myself a new banner and change the blog layout again. I'm thinking a lovely mauve would look fantgasmic. I'mnot sure what my color scheme will be though. I might just keep it green, but I dunno. Suggest me colors!

To make this post extra fun here is some pictures! Yay pictures! First I'm going to show off my entry for a Fairy Tale contest:

Sleeping beauty. Look at that cute prince butt. That's the only new Sims related picture I have so here is some artwork I've done.

That's the piece I entered in my college art show. The frame has a glass background and the silver bit that looks like a crack is the wire they made me put on it so they could hang it, even though they didn't hang it up.

A pastel picture of my infamous flower headed girls. They are my favorite to draw.

A breast cancer design I made for my mom's work to put up.

A picture I put together after the Obama Rally in Virginia. 

I have a tooon more, but  don't want to spam my blog too much away from the Sims. I know I'm not much of a draw-er, but I do what I can.

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Jessamine Diane said...

*borrows* I'll use some of these for your interview! XD

Amieezilla said...

Lol okay. Though we didn't talk about anything related to my art xD

Jessamine Diane said...

Should of.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I just typed a LOOONG comment and hit the back button. >:I Grr.
To sum it up:

OBAMA: I think he sucks, but I have good reason, therefore I will explain it if you ever find the need to ask.

COLOR SCHEME: Nice, modern yellow or red, or lime green. And your banner could be your Simself standing over Tokyo. I could SO do that for you.

ARE YOU A NATURALLY AWESOME PHOTO EDITOR IN EVERY WAY?: I knoes I am. I hope you are. Say yes and I'll give you a carrot.

ARE YOU A NATURALLY AWESOME ARTIST IN EVERY WAY, TOO?: So am I!!!! I freakin' HAVE to show you my drawings!!! I'll give you the carrot right naow!!!

Crap, I forgot what else I was going to say. Time to reread your post. OH YEAH! Joe's Crab Shack is AWESOME! I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY CRAB LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SEE HOW I AM TALKING IN ALL CAPS AND ADDING NON-NECESSARY EXCLAMATION MARKS AT THE END OF EACH SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I don't love it THAT much. But it's preety awesome.

Word Verification: Monaleti. The original version of Mona Lisa. Okay, I know, not catchy like onidip (onion dip) or all those others Spychip posted. I ought to stop typing now. Even if you would rather do somefink else for your banner, Ima gonna make it anyway an show it to you. Don't feel obliged to use it. Okay, bye! Luffs ya, Amieechooooo!

Anonymous said...

Awesome drawings :)
And for the colour scheme, I would say stick with the green, or maybe blue. But not both *shudders* that would be god awful. Purple would be good, but not too light of a one. But it really comes down to what you want. It's your blog :)

Word verification: Opship. Wtf? What does that even mean? xD

Amieezilla said...

Abby: I loved your comment xD <3 I would LOVE to see that banner! Don't hate on Obama, he's stuck in a bad time and I VOTED FOR HIM so I feel I have to defend him. (Even if he is getting his ass kicked by a hole xD) *Takes Carrot* I have some decent looking pics. I love playing around with textures and what-not. I loves you too, Abbycakes. <3333

Blazaxx: I could make those colors work. xD It's all about getting the right hues and tints and shades. I think I'll see what my banner will look like and go from there. Tha's what I did with this layout. xD

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