Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Children and Ugly Scenery!? Oh My!

Soooo, meet my daughter!

Her name is Sapphire. Now some of you must be all, "Whut, who be da father?"

Yeah, this guy playing a game outside in his undies is the father. Oh well, at least he's nice to look at. I must admit though, I did not fully create this hunky simmie. This simmie belongs to a great blog called Ariz, Larz and Cholez Sims 3 Blog. Their Sims are beautiful and very unique. I've downloaded like five sims of theirs already.

Back to my family pictures. 

I have learned how to properly match my clothes during pregnancy, and that shoes are the devil. Our house is cluttered with hundreds of those little gems you see there. My hubby is trying to create a simbot, but he just can't find the heart shaped pink diamond. That's what happens when one chooses to be an inventor.  As for me, I have a REAL job as an architect, I'm fabulous at it, it's just that my clients are too much of a llama to see it. 

Isn't this town beautiful? No, it's not. It's scummy and feels dirty. I'm worried my little Sapphire will grow into a gang member. 

During my latest pregnancy I had a lot of free time. I decided to continue my dabbling into sculpting. So here's a lovely Ice Sculpture of Sapphire. I believe I caught her good (My) qualities. 

"Hmm, I should be due any second now. Pft, I'll be able to finish this sculpture by then."

"HOLY BOLOGNA. That hurt. Must. Finish. Sculpture..." 


Eventually I became tired of hearing my hubby telling me to go to the hospital, so I changed into some nicer clothes and headed on my way.

Welcome to the family, baby Noah.


11 commentations:

Spychip said...

Aww, Saph has your nose!

Amieezilla said...

I know right! <3 I hate my nose, but I like to think it looks great on her. ;D

Spychip said...

Your nose is so cute! Mine is huge so I just made it smaller on my simself.

Elinha1995 said...

Saph is quite pretty and so Noah.

Do you want more children?

Amieezilla said...

Thank you. :]

Naw, the house they are currently in can only hold me and the two kids.

Elinha1995 said...


Elinha1995 said...

So you didn't live with the father?

Jessamine Diane said...

@ Elinha: I don't think she would really, I mean she's with Kelle isn't she?

WAIT!!!!! Amiee, why arn't you having babies with Kelle!?

Amieezilla said...

Elinha: I share a bed with the father. xD

Jess: Cause, my simmieself was enjoying this cutie before me and Kelle were meant to be. xD

Elinha1995 said...

So you live with Kelle?

Jessamine Diane said...

@ Elinha: Only in Kelle's Sims game! XD

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