Thursday, July 1, 2010

Choose To Celebrate The First

Oh god, oh god. Family members celebrating in the background, that must mean one thing:

My birthday. That's right ladies and gents, I had a birthday, my 20th birthday, on June 25th. This post is kinda late, but none the less! 

"OMG! I'm gonna be so hott!" 

"Look out Gerard Butler, what with your perfect smile and Jesus' abs." 
*Ahe-eeemm* Annnyyywayyy, due to more of my impatience, we celebrated another birthday, Noah.

That's right, my son has developed into a blue bunny. Be jealous. Be very jealous. In all honesty, I was kind of jealous that he did not have my hair. Oh well, he's adorable none the less.

Speaking of adorable-ness, Saph here has been feeling kind of lonely. She has yet to find someone at school she can stand to hang out with. So what does this mean exactly? YOU will pick her boy/girlfriend. It could be anyone you want, I'm sure Saph here won't mind at all.

Sapphire is a kind, smart, and quiet girl. She's content doing just about anything, as far as I know anyway.  

Saph is also a family sim, there's nothing she enjoys more than a delicious meal with the family.

So my fellow simmers, does your sims have what it takes to date my Sapphire?

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FuryRed said...

Aiiieeee you're meant to tell me about your berfdae before the date so I can glomp you!


With regards to Sapphire I'm just gonna go ahead and volunteer Drew to ya. He's slowly making his way into everyone's game ;)
Howevers, you may wanna wait til she's growed up a bit, unless you're a pervy gal with mods.

Elinha1995 said...

Make her marry off a boy and have children.

Randomspirit said...

Amiee! Some warning next time, yah? XD Happy birthday for the 25th!

Jessamine Diane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You should of told me, then I'd have thrown a party at PP. Oh well, we'll throw one anyway. She needs her birthday bumps too! XD

And about Saph, why not pair her with one 0of Skitty's kids?

Spychip said...

I don't really have anyone to volunteer for Saph, but you could get her married to a Pokemon... like Goldluck!

Amieezilla said...

@Fury - I was kinda distracted with having the birthday and playing new shiny video games. Well, I don't have any mods, but there's nothing wrong with some flirting with older men until she's of age. ;D Especially when it comes to Drew

Elinha - That's no fun, I want to take other peep's sims and make them fall in love.

Random - Hahaha, thank you <3. I did warn here and there. I was counting down since like the first. Work certainly had fun with me. xD

Jess - Thank youuuu, I was debating on throwing one there myself, but I kept forgetting. Skitty's family is in a different neighborhood, it would be too complicated and not as fun.

C'mon people! Send me your hunky sims! Sapphire doesn't want lame town people, she wants a hunky piece of CC covered hotness!

Elinha1995 said...

Saph can make a 100 babies challenge!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elinha1995 said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

Jessamine Diane said...


clairezy018 said...

Happy birth day! And Jesus abs? Oh my gosh that was HI-larious XD have a super awesome b-day! One more and then the real fun begins. ;)

Amieezilla said...

Be jealous of the Jesus abs Clairezy, be very jealous. Thanks, I'm excited for the next one. 8)

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