Monday, July 12, 2010

Just A Paper Bag

The prologue is in!

 I know, took me long enough, right? Well, sorry for the wait. I was planning on saying more but I gotta go to work now. 

Edit: Link fixed. :] Sorry about that.

While I'm here might as well keep talking. I apologize for being one of those blogs that post like once in a blue moon. You see, I'm trying to get a new car. New car means less money on gas, less money I have to fight over my boyfriend with, and no more driving my giant creeper van. The car I'm going for isn't new. It's like a 91 or something and it doesn't have air conditioning. Lame I know. I've also been out for some personal reasons *Couch my boyfriend cough* so things have been complicated. 

To be honest, the main reason for no update is I'm addicted. I'm addicted to a four disk long, RPG game. This game is Lost Odyssey. 

I cannot put this down. I bought this for myself on my birthday and I've been playing it nonstop. Well, that's a stretch since I still have to work. But still! I'm sorry simmies! This game just has me brainwashed. :]

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Lieutenant Butterfly said...

Um... Amiee? WhenI click on it, it just shows me a bigger picture of the picture. >_<

Flutterby said...

Me too.

Amieezilla said...

Oh geeze, I'm so sorry. xD

Jessamine Diane said...

Read and commented.

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