Friday, July 16, 2010

Erring On The Edge Of Safe

I tried my hand at something very freckly and orange.

After seeing all the beautiful ginger sims people have been making, I decided it was time to do one myself, that and I was itching to try Skitty's Non-default freckle madness skin.

I named her Tilly Wallerston since I was listening to Tilly and The Wall and the name seemed to fit a bit, so it had to be official.

The skin is beautiful by the by. Just check out her bod! 

Okay, that's the last picture I promise. Now, I couldn't get her to upload to the Sims 3 site, so I don't know what her traits are. I know fer sure one is Dramatic and another is Flirty. 

CC List:

*Notes: I didn't link to the download page since it's a donation I linked to the main site. You kids know where to find it ;]

7 commentations:

Elinha1995 said...

She is so pretty.

Amieezilla said...

Thank you. :D

Anonymous said...

She's totally adorable. Great work

Anonymous said...

Uber prettiness alert! *goes to download* Must have uber pretty simmie!

Amieezilla said...

=D Thanks guys. Ilu.

Kelle said...

she is gorgeous! <3

Elinha1995 said...

I love her hair.

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