Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MOAR Simtography

So I know I owe you an update on the story and stuff, it should be up here soon. Cut me some slack, I just bought a car~! It's a '95 Ford Escort and it's covered with rust and problems. I only paid $400 for it, so that's to be expected. Tomorrow me and my daddy are going down to buy my breaks and stuff <3

Since Blazaxx's competition is ending I figured I'd show you my pictures I've taken. That and I think I'll throw in a couple of other random ones.

Hmm, let's see if you can figure out who those two in the back are. 

"You hittin' on me gurl?!"

This one is my favorite of them all. Plus, her shoes look awesome.

Grrr face.

Aww, he's my favorite womanizer faerie ever.

Bow chicka bow wow. If you're interested in seeing the competition and the other peep's pics then Click Here.

Some other random pictures:

I became a member of Cstyles and I instantly joined Dylsoccer's competition. The first assignment was basing the picture on a song. Mine was "Break Your Heart" by some lame guy. The song lyric wise was awful no metaphors or nothing. Just saying the name of the song like twenty times. My model for the competition was the blonde in the back. Which, gee, doesn't that red head, blonde, and the guy ALL look familiar? 

Nothing special here.

And that's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed the picture spam. I'll try to have the story update out this Thursday. 

6 commentations:

Jessamine Diane said...

YAY!!! Picture spam!! I loved 'em all!

Anonymous said...

Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz = FAIL.

At least you didn't get the Ke$ha song.

Amieezilla said...

I would have rather had Kesha. I refuse to spell her name with the dollar sign. xD

Anonymous said...

She's such a crackhead. And that is why I laugh at her. ;)

Amieezilla said...

Yay crack heads! :D
Her music is waaayy to catchy though. :P I hear it once and it plays in my head all day. xD

Anonymous said...

^ EXACTLY. And it's crap music. But sooo catchy.

Your love, your love, your love, is my crackhead hallucination, yanno. ;)

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