Friday, June 11, 2010

Washed Out

Thank you Abby for the banner idea. (Though I have a feeling yours would look way cooler) I have once again changed my blog layout. This time it will stay. I'm quite happy with it. Only thing I'll probably ever change is the banner. I've learned that I hate Pixlr, I'm too used to Photoshop to use it.

I don't have much to give. I'm back from my vay-cay to the beach. It was super awesome. I am not as pastey white now. Apparently people didn't notice how the picture was washed out in Photoshop. I'm not THAT white. I mean, I'm a white, white girl, but not paper white. It's a really nice effect to do. I'll teach it to you real quick.

1. Duplicate layer
2. Desaturate image
3. Guassian Blur the image a wee bit. (The more blurred the more washed)
4. Set the layer to soft light.
5. Play with the opacity to your likeness.

Ta-da! All prettyfulls yes? It's nice for doing something quick. I believe it'll also make your images more glowey too.

Oh dear, look at all of those words with no pictures. I guess I'll have to show you what I've been working on.

The title so far: Paper Bag 
What is it going to be about? You'll find out eventually.

Here she is un-angry. Isn't she just Gorge? <3

9 commentations:

Randomspirit said...

Oh! Me likey =D

Amieezilla said...

Thank you. =]

clairezy018 said...

I like your new blog but I liked the old one too. :D And your photo shop sounds fun but I can only aford gimp and have no understanding of fancy picture modding stuff. ;) But I love yours.

Amieezilla said...

Thanks! I had the bootleg version of CS2 and I got CS4 for Christmas, but it won't accept the serial number. I don't want to download gimp because I have photoshop, and I don't want to install cs2 because I have cs4 xD Picture manip is easy once you understand the program.

Jessamine Diane said...

I love the new layout Amiee!! And your new Sim is pwetty!

FuryRed said...

Ooh ooh Paper Bag as in Fiona Apple perchance? *is intrigued*

New layout looks coolage ;)

Amieezilla said...

@ Jess - Thank you. :]

@Fury - Maybe >> << >>

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE the new banner - lol, I forgot all about that! It's seriously freaking awesome! You did a REALLY GOOD job!!! ;D *is happy for Amieechoooooo*

Amieezilla said...

Thank you Abby! =D

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